Recommended Apps

App Type Description

Video Creation & Editing iMovie allows you to splice images and movies into a professional-looking movie. Add title screens, voiceovers, transitions, sound effects, and more. Export to Photos. The final product will be a movie.

Puppet Pals Director’s Pass HD
Video Creation With Puppet Pals you can make a play. Choose characters and backgrounds from within the app or import images (of your students, your classroom) to make it more personal. Write the script then record. Export to Photos. The final product will be a movie.

Stop Motion Studio
Video Creation Create stop motion videos. Export to Photos. The final product will be a movie.

Explain Everything

Screencasting Explain Everything takes Powerpoint to the next level. Add images, video, text, and voiceover to one slide or many. Export to Photos. The final product can be a movie or PDF.

Book Creator
Storytelling Book Creator enables you to use images, text, voice recordings, and videos to make a book. The final product can be an ePub file (export to iBooks to read), PDF, or a movie.

Strip Designer
Storytelling Book Creator enables you to use images, text, voice recordings, and videos to make a book. The final product can be an ePub file (export to iBooks to read), PDF, or a movie.

Pic Collage
Picture Layout Create collages with pictures, images, and text. Colors, backgrounds, and layouts are very customizable. Export to Photos. Final product will be a JPG image.

Graphic Organizer The popplet app makes webs. Create a box, add an image, add some text. Make a couple more. Now you can show the connections between the ideas in the boxes. Use for vocabulary, mind maps, timelines, and more. Export to Photos. The final product will be a JPG image.

Drawing Pad
Drawing, Illustration Drawing Pad is a sophisticated drawing app with many tools to choose from: pencils, markers, paint brushes, and chalk. Create, export, and use in projects. Export to Photos. The final product will be a JPG image.

Text Creation & Annotation Import a document and mark it up by highlighting or circling important parts. Import images and add text to caption. You can even add a voice recording to your document. There are several options for exporting. Most often the final product will be a PDF that you can export directly to Google Drive.

Music & Audio Creation & Editing GarageBand turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a collection of Touch Instruments and a full-featured recording studio — so you can make music anywhere you go. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play a piano, organ, guitar, and drums.

QR Code Reader Use this app to read QR codes.

Google Drive
Remote, Collaborative File Storage and more Edit and create documents and spreadsheets. Share documents with teachers or classmates. Upload and store documents, videos, images, and other file types. Create and edit documents collaboratively.

Google Docs
Online, Collaborative Word Processing Edit and create documents. Share Docs with teachers or classmates. Upload and store documents. Create and edit Docs collaboratively.

Google Sheets
Online, Collaborative Spreadsheet Edit and create spreadsheets. Share Sheets with colleagues or students. Create and edit Sheets collaboratively.

Google Slides
Online, Collaborative Presentation Edit and create presentations. Share Slides with colleagues or students. Create and edit Slides collaboratively.

Google Classroom
Simple Learning Management Facilitates digital workflow between teachers and students.

Learning Management Collaboration, interaction, sharing, posting, commenting.

Brainstorming Create decks of cards with text or images. Move cards around to sort and categorize. Change card colors and background image to further clarify your brainstorm. This app can be used for Words Their Way word sorts

Puffin Academy
Internet Browser for Flash Content Use this app to launch sites which have been white-listed by Puffin Academy. It allows users to access content on their device which is flash-based. BrainPOP, BrainPOP Español, BrainPOP ESL, A-Z Kids

Word Wizard
Early Literacy Talking movable alphabet and spelling tests. Audio says letter sounds and simple words. This app is very customizable. See the Settings to choose the voice, whether the audio says letter names or letter sounds, and more.

Writing Wizard
Early Literacy Customizable tracing practice with fun rewards for students.

Bitsboard Pro
  Robust app that allows the student to access word lists with image and audio support. Teachers can create customized lists for students. Students can then play different games using the word list and pictures

  Vocabulary Spelling City is a website and mobile app that helps students learn their weekly vocabulary and spelling words while having fun at the same time. It is also available at

A-Z Kids
(Raz Kids)
  If you already use Raz-Kids, this app lets you access eBooks and eQuizzes for the 400+ titles on A-Z Kids, all on your iPad. All student activity in the app is captured and reported to teachers at, thus helping teachers monitor student progress and determine the instruction needed for each student.

TenMarks Student
Math Support Access to an online, interactive, differentiated, data collecting math practice.

MathTappers: Find Sums
Conceptual Addition Very customizable. Choose numbers or models. Choose your target sum, 5-20 or 100. Multiple students can track their progress on one device. See our Find Sums video tutorial.

Number Pieces Basic
Place Value, Decimals Interactive base-ten blocks, units, longs, and flats. Use to support place value with whole numbers up to the hundreds place or decimals from units to the hundredths place. Great for modeling subtraction with regrouping.

SayHi Translate
Translation Type or speak words and phrases. Choose a language. A translation will appear in text and audio.

Google Translate



Title 1 Type Description

8 Great Word Patterns
Making Words Make VC Words, VCC Words, CVC words, beginning digraphs and ending digraphs.

Sound Beginnings
Phonics Beginning, middle, and end sounds.

I Like Books
Simple Reading 37 stunning picture books in one app.

Sight Words 1-300
Sight Words Students listen to and trace the Fry sight words. Students can also record themselves reading the word. After every fifth word there is a fun learning activity/game to reinforce that group of words.

Word Wall HD
Phonics Various activities to support letter recognition, letter sounds, words, and word families.


Spanish Type Description

Aprender a leer
  A variety of games that let students work with Spanish letter recognition, word formation, and sight word recognition.

Aprender a leer y escriber
  Also known as Primeras Palabras. Three levels of games that have activities such as word formation, unscrambling words, and matching a word to a picture.

Lee Paso a Paso
  Interactive games that allow students to match initial syllables with a picture and add missing syllables to a word.

Lee Paso a Paso 2
  Interactive games that allow students to choose syllable cards and form words (can be up to 4 syllables).

ABC Spanish Spelling Magic-Deletreador magico
  Given a picture and letters, students must move the letters to form a word.


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