Marion Jordan Clubs

There are many clubs to choose from here at Marion Jordan School. With so many choices, it can seem a bit overwhelming. One reason for joining a club is that it gives you options for how to become more involved at Marion Jordon.

School becomes more meaningful and enjoyable when a student becomes involved in a club or activity. It is an opportunity to develop friendships, to learn important social skills, and take part in fun and meaningful activities outside of the academic day.

If you think you are ready to join a club... congratulations you have take the first step to becoming more involved here at Marion Jordan.

Ambassadors Club

Grades 4-6
Mrs. Falkenberg & Mrs. Eckman

The role of the ambassador club is to help out our school community in any way that we can. The Ambassador Club conducts school fundraisers. The fundraisers involve contests, Wacky Wednesdays, and other activities to raise money for various organizations. Officers are selected through an annual election process in the classroom.

Art Club

October - May  11:40am - 12:40pm
Mr. Kerkemeyer
Grade 5-6 Meet every Tuesday
(Do not meet during Mini Courses)

Art Club affords students the opportunity to explore art medias; such as painting, sculpture and drawing outside the regular classroom. Projects will be selected by the group at the start of the year.

Battle of the Books

Grades 3-6
Mrs. King & Mrs. Nelson
October - April
Cost: $3.00-$5.00 for books

Battle of the Books is a reading competition. Students work in teams to read a set of 30 books. The teams then compete in a trivia competition about the books they read. The winning team is invited to compete in the District 15 competition in April for a chance to take home the Battle of the Books trophy.


Monday mornings
Ms. Clark
Grades 5-6

Chorus is a club for students who are interested in singing. The chorus presents for the school and the community. Interested chorus students may participate in IGSMA solo/ensemble contest in February.

Foreign Language: K-6

Foreign language instruction may be available on site at Marion Jordan through outside providers. Please visit the District 15 website. You may also contact the school office for additional information.


Grades 5-6 High Performing Math Students
Wednesday during lunch

MATHCOUNTS Club Program is designed to increase enthusiasm for math by encouraging the formation within schools of math clubs that conduct fun meetings with a variety of math activities. The activities provided for the MCP foster a positive social atmosphere with a focus on students working together as a club to earn recognition and rewards in the MATHCOUNTS Club Program.

This club will be parent led. It will afford students with opportunity to work through challenging math problems and concepts. Sixth graders in this club will be preparing to participate in the MATHCOUNTS competition program.

Instrumental Music

Band & Orchestra
5th Grade Band: Ms. Sullivan
6th Grade Band: Mrs. Kurka
5th/6th Grade Orchestra: Mrs. Lee-Stewart

Beginning Band - 5th Grade (1st offered although some 6th graders may begin if they move in/change mind etc.) One 30-minute lesson (1-6 students in a group) one time per week.

September-June plus one before school rehearsals with multiple schools & instruments (about 100 students) one time per week.

Intermediate Band - 6th Grade One time per week in small group lessons September-June and two before-school rehearsals.

No fee for the program, just parent responsibility to acquire instrument, book, music stand, and transport to morning rehearsal at another school.

Please note: Band & Orchestra have about 3-6 performance opportunities throughout the year, some during the day, some evenings & Saturdays.


Grades 5-6
Mr. Duffy
September-May (Tuesday mornings)

The program is designed to offer the students additional opportunities to participate in game/sport activities outside of their regular P.E. curriculum.

Dance Club

Grades 1-6
Mrs. Christiansen
Ms. Golota
Mrs. Meyer
February-March 12:20pm-12:40pm

Students will practice different dances from multiple time periods. Then we will do a Culminating dance for the Talent Show.


PTA Parent Representative
Open to ALL students

State-sponsored art competition focused on a particular theme each year. Students are given flyers at school with specifics of that year's theme. Participants can create written or visual artwork around the theme and submit on a certain date. Work is displayed throughout the school & winners then compete on the state level.

Tinkering Club

Grades 5-6
Mr. Kerkemeyer
Every Wednesday during noon hour
(Do not meet during Mini Courses)

Based on a current trend of tinkering, the students will explore how everyday items can be combined to create simple machines that can do unique things. At the start of the club, the children will meet and will learn what tinkering is and find out what we will build this year. Builds will include: a scribbling machine, cardboard automata, squishy circuits, and a few more as time will allow.

Sixth Grade Special Events

2 Ball is a basketball contest that students must try-out at MJ before they can move on to the district competition. The content takes place in February at the Palatine Community Center and boys & girls compete on separate days.

Cross Country is a one mile race that is open to any 6th grader and it takes place in October at Salk Park in Rolling Meadows.

Track & Field Meet Springtime track & field meet has individual races, team relays, and field events (shot put, softball throw, and long-jump). Students must try-out at MJ before they can move on to the district competition. The meet takes place in May at Palatine High School and boys & girls compete separately.

Green Team

Mrs. Fredell & Ms. Piper
Grades 5-6
2 Thursdays a month

This is a club for 12 5th-6th graders to be leaders within the school setting and assist with helping other students continue to learn and utilize the 3 B's in school. The Student Green Team will be responsible for encouraging other students to make the right choices, be a positive role model for other students in the building and out in the community, make posters representing the 3 B's of Marion Jordan as well as be a part of making other activities about being respectful, responsible & safe at school.

Video Club

Grade 6
Mrs. Tomal

The Video Club will meet every day before school to film and create the daily announcements using a digital camera and a Mac computer. Each crew is made up of four students, each participating weekly or biweekly, depending on the number of interested students.


October-March during lunch
Ms. Christiansen & Ms. Golota
Grades 5-6

Students help take pictures when possible/neccessary. Pictures are then chosen and arranged by students onto pages using the yearbook computer software.

Blue Jays Care

Mrs. Greenwood & Mrs. Medhat
Grades 3-6
Thursdays 3:30-4:30PM

Working together with MJ staff, students will learn about environmental and social issues impacting our community and beyond. An introduction to volunteering, donating and helping others aims to increase empathy and giving back to others. Blue Jays Care is student lead and will help local animal shelters, our environment, veterans and others in need as well as the MJ Community.

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